Top 8 SEO Tools to Try

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SEO tools are the best way to customize the website. These tools will help the creator to make the necessary changes and create a content rich in quality. SEO tools can save up a lot of time and increase performance. Without these tools, it would take a lot of time even to detect the issues, let alone solve it. All the bloggers, business owners, marketers need to use SEO tools to improve their website. It is very essential for them. The main function of the SEO tools is keyword research, competitor research, online ranking, and link building. These are the main functions that you must require while doing the search for a good digital marketing agency. There may be other specialties of the SEO tools, but they are optional. Here is the list of 8 SEO tools which must be tried at least once:-

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  1. Ahrefs

This is ranked among the top position in SEO tools of its wonderful tools. They have the best backlink analysis tools. They also have Content Explorer tool which searches the web for some of the most popular keywords. Overall, it is a great tool to improve website ranking.

  • Serpstat

Serpstat is a paid SEO tool which has all the necessary tools to improve the content. It has an all-in-one digital growth hacking tool to optimize SEO, PPC and content marketing. It offers four different plans which have a different price range. The creator can choose whatever he wants to use.

  • SEObility

This has both free and paid service. It crawls your website and then will show the overall SEO optimization. Some of its major features are SEO check, Keyword check, SEO compare, and Ranking check.

  • Long Tail Pro

After the change of ownership in Long Tail Pro, this tool has never looked back and has achieved tons of success since then. The owner of it is hungry and is doing everything to make it the best. All its features are top class and 100% accurate.

  • SEM Rush

In just a couple of years, SEM Rush has become hugely popular. They have made a name for themselves. This is all thanks to their competitor research tool which is on a different level than any other tools.

  • Pitchbox

This tool is not exactly an SEO tool. But it helps in link building which makes things 10x times faster. Since it is a paid service, the user will be given full access to the tool from the start.

  • SEOquake

This is basically a data extractor and is completely free to use. It is a free browser extension that collects and then generates a report.

  • Seed Keywords

This tool uses a unique style to generate traffic. First, it asks you to generate a question and then it creates a unique URL for it. After that, you can share the URL to as many people as you want and then wait for the people to answer it. Then, there will be a legit search term which was generated from real-time internet users.