Features of Autocratic Style of Leadership

Business Strategy

How a leader behave in a business enterprise is very important since the decision making process is facilitated by the leaders. There are many patterns of behavior seen by the leaders which vary on the basis of the character of person, nature of activity, size of the organization and many more. It is to be noted that how the leader behave is very crucial enough to determine the attitude of employees because they are greatly influenced by it. The supervision of employees by the leaders is very different in the nature and approach. Among the autocratic style of leadership is very famous and conventional. Here are some features of the same briefly explained.

The autocratic style is also known as directive style of leadership or the authoritarian style. The main feature of this style is the centralization of power of decision making and authority in the leader itself. It is very important to be noted that the full control on the subordinates is upon the leaders. The structure of the work and activities is formed by him. Also, the goals of the groups are set by him so that the deviation of any kind can be easily identified by him.

The subordinates are supposed to obey all the orders given by him for the functioning of operations of the organization. In many cases no consultation of the employees are made during the formulation of policies in the organization. This is not recommended for the faster growth of the organization since the feedback and suggestions of the employees are not granted. The feelings of the workers are also nit considered which in turn acts as a de-motivation for them. Many studies and experts say that this kind of leadership can be negative since the employees are uninformed, insecure and dissatisfied in the workplace.