All About Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne


Criminal laws are those laws that are made to keep the society safe and sound. People who violate such laws have to pay high fines and many other types of penalties. Criminal law in Melbourne is both complex and vast and hence the need for criminal lawyers in Melbourne. Even violation of minor rules and regulations can lead to strict actions against the certified authorities.  

Specific crimes have specific consequences on different levels of government. State, Local and Feral level have different actions against the violated rules. Misdemeanors are classified as less serious crimes and violations in Melbourne. These types of violations have jail up to one year or six month maximum .For example: A small burglary, an offensive drunk driving or bank account fraud.etc. Felonies are classified as very serious crime and then a need for criminal advocate in Melbourne arises. Such crimes have a jail up to one year in state or legislative level. Crimes like a murder, a rape, black money business etc can be considered as felonies crimes. 

defense law

6 best legal defenses to crimes: 

  1. Mistaken identity: This happens when the witness resembles to that of the criminal. Most of the actions of such a witness are mistaken to be taken of that of a criminal predator. This can happen in any case, it might be possible that they are hiding the crime. 
  1. Accident: Offenses often made by people in the supervision of the criminal law in Melbourne are done deliberately. This is when the culprit makes the crime on purpose. If the respected lawyer can frame such a case as an accident then there is a specific defensive charge. 
  1. Immediate danger: Sometimes crimes are done not intentionally but immediately, for personal safety. If suppose a major crime takes place while saving self from any kind of harm, the crime is not taken valid for any sort of punishment. 
  1. Police misconduct: Sometimes misconduct is taken place that violates the corruption laws in Melbourne. Enforcement officials sometimes try to cover up the mistakes and disrespect their duties. Corruption, is very common and so are these illegitimate activities of people of providing officials with money and assaulting criminal laws In Melbourne. It is made to agree that the victim is not guilty and justice is failed to be provided. 
  1. False confessions:   It is observed very often that false confessions are stated in the justice room to be the suspect and to prove him not guilty. In many cases the police forces the innocent to put forward non true statements through giving them mental and physical pressure and torture. These false confessions are also not acceptable by the criminal solicitor in Melbourne. 
  1. Mistake of fact: When a crime is made for an honest or a reasonable fact, it has no punishment under the crime violation law in Melbourne. Accidents can happen with anyone and they can’t be judged on any accident they make.  

Crime can be conducted by mistake or on purpose. According to the criminal law in Melbourne every crime has a deep investigation and no person is stated guilty without a personified reason.  Justice is provided to all sooner or later.